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tax clearance certificat


What is this and why is it important?

 - It is a certificate issued by SARS giving assurance that one's tax affairs are in order (i.e they have submitted all their returns and their taxes up to date)


One needs to be in possession of this when applying for Government tenders and recently most private business require this to ensure they are dealing with TAX paying citizens


I owe SARS, can I still apply for a Tax Clearance?

 - We will approach SARS on your behalf, apply for a payment arrangement. Once approved, we will apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate.


How do I make sure I am always TAX compliant?

- One easy way is to sign up for our compliance package, where we will send reminders and complete your returns when due including CIPC returns. 


Not having a valid Tax Clearance can mean missed new business opportunities, let us assist you to comply and have no problems going forward. Apply Below


EXPRESS (R 999) – same day



48 HOURS (R 499)

Check if Your Company is Compliant for FREE
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